Physical Health Education Canada

Illustration, Animation & Print Design

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) empowers the community with quality programs, professional development services, and community activations to ensure equitable access to the benefits of quality physical and health education and healthy learning environments. By promoting and advancing quality physical and health education and healthy learning environments, PHE Canada helps ensure each and every child and youth in Canada has the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead resilient, active, and healthy lives.


PHE Canada was wanting to create a new learning resource called "At My Best," a guide for school-age children to teach them healthy habits. Along with lesson plan documents (~50 pages for each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 3) there was a companion storybook that the lesson plans would reference. PHE provided the story and voiceover and I created all the illustrations and laid out the storybook in both printed and digital formats.

Animation —  Motion Storybook

In addition to the printed and digital storybook, there was also an animated interactive version.

Print Layout — Lesson Plans