Brand Identity, Illustration & Motion Graphics

pHacktory brings science to the streets in a way that makes you say, “I wonder what would happen if....” They bend rules. They explore. They ask questions. They sometimes break things. The outrageous is their goal, fun is their method, and community is their strength. Research lab, coffee shop, studio, workshop, classroom, lounge, playground – their mission is to bring curiosity-driven research projects to the street and distribute them across the city of Ottawa. Founded on extreme play and unapologetic curiosity, pHacktory will focus on curating fearless and audacious ideas, project teams and partners in order to tackle the most dramatic and disruptive ideas in any field.

Brand Identity Design

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Youth-Focused "Hack Bots" Mascot Concept Illustration

Alternate "Hack Bots" Character Concepts

"Hack Bots" Animation Concept