Fall for Dance North

Season Campaign Design, UX Design, Print Design & Production, Motion Graphics, Video Editing

Established in 2015, Fall for Dance North is a festival that was created elevate the popularity of dance by presenting a diverse, world-class dance festival of established and emerging talent from Toronto, Canada and around the globe through accessible ticket prices. To support Canada’s professional dance community, create an inclusive atmosphere and inspire and educate new audiences and seasoned dance patrons.

Since the 2017 season, I have been the go-to person for almost anything and everything design-related. I have touched almost every aspect of each seasonal campaign, creating a distinct look and feel for each season and evolving the overall brand each year.

5 Years of Seasonal Campaign Designs

Building off of the look established in the first two years of the festival, each season had it's own distinct visual style. A master poster or "main creative" was designed at the beginning of each year. This main creative would act as the template for all promotional materials used throughout the year to promote the upcoming season of the festival.






2021 Website UX

By 2020, the festival had outgrown the simple informational website — previously only a listing of upcoming events. Due to the evolving situation of the COVID pandemic and the still-growing festival, they needed a custom-designed website, not only for a schedule of events, but also a platform to host virtual events and sell tickets. In 2020 and 2021, for all intents and purposes, the website was the virtual venue for the festival. I designed the entire UX from top-to-bottom to help bring that vision to life.

Main Menu Navigation

Program Schedule — Sorted by week and program category

Program Search/Filter Interface

2021 Video Materials

Season Campaign Creative Animated Bumper

Full Season Trailer (graphics and video editing)

Individual Program Promos for Social Media (graphics and video editing)

2020 Website UX

2020 was a year that provided many unique challenges. Originally, a rough year-and-a-half timeline had been established for completely redesigning and rebuilding the FFDN website. As with many things that year, the COVID pandemic through all those plans for a loop. However, working with the FFDN team, we quickly adapted and used that opportunity to turn the website into a virtual venue for the entire festival to be streamed online. I established the look-and-feel as well as the UX for the now entirely virtual festival season.

2020 Video Materials

Season Campaign Creative Animated Bumper

Wrap-Around Column Screen Ad at Toronto's Union Station

2020 Outdoor Marketing

As part of the new hybrid virtual format for the 6th season of the festival, an augmented reality exhibit was created, where festival-goers could watch a virtual performance through their mobile devices which would take place over the pond outside Harbourfront Centre in downtown Toronto. I created all the signage to direct guests as well as the large sign that would activate the experience when scanned.

Design Work from 2019 & Prior

Prior to 2020, I not only established the look-and-feel of each seasonal creative, but also produced print and digital ads and collateral used at events and to promote each upcoming season.